Today, along with 13 of our allies, we delivered more than 136,000 of YOUR signatures to the White House demanding that President Obama stop the raids against Central American families and provide them with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) instead.


Under the orders of President Obama, DHS begun a new series of raids targeting immigrant families from Central America. Reports indicate that more than 121 families have been taken away from their homes and taken to detention centers. 77 of those 121 have already been deported back to the dangerous conditions of the home countries they fled.

As a result of the raids, Children are afraid to go to school for fear that their parents will have been seized by the time they come home. In turn, parents are not taking their children to the doctor for routine check-ups and vaccinations out of fear of encountering DHS. Bread-winners are not reporting for work. The climate of fear that the raids have created is palpable across communities and across the country. As this policy separates families and leaves children parent-less, the educational and emotional impact placed on children is staggering. Join us in calling for an end to the raids today: Call the White House at 866-473-5915 and tell them to stop the raids!

Below is the letter as delivered to President Obama: