The Republican party has gone out of its way these last few years to make life harder for immigrants in this country. So, with the Republican National Convention happening in Cleveland this week, we decided to take a look at the worst politicians for immigration reform.

Don’t mistake this as an honor: these politicians have dehumanized and criminalized our immigrant communities. Yet somehow they still expect our votes. We are fed up! We’re calling out the worst anti-immigrant Republicans for the atrocious actions they’ve taken against the immigrant community and letting them know that we won’t settle for this treatment.

Election 2016 is our opportunity to fight back and elect representatives, who will help bring along comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship in 2017. Pledge to be an immigrant rights voter this election.

Introducing our number 1 worst politician:

Pat Toomey (R – PA)  

Pat Toomey, it’s no shocker that you ranked as our number 1 Worst Politician for Immigration Reform. This July, Toomey introduced a bill through the senate that would take away congressional funding for sanctuary cities, creating schism between immigrant communities and local police. Sanctuary cities not only protect immigrants by barring local police from turning over detained immigrants to ICE for deportation, they also improve public safety by increasing trust between law enforcement and the immigrant community. Thankfully, people like you called their senators and the vote did not pass, but that still leaves Toomey with the power to vote against any immigration reform incentive in the Senate.

Toomey is up for re-election in 2016, so this OUR CHANCE to block Toomey from hurting our communities more than he already has.


Coming in at number 2:

Steve King (R- IA 4th District Representative)

There’s only one way to describe Steve King: racist. Steve King comes on our list at number 2 for his anti-immigrant remarks and persistent racism against all people of color communities. Most recently, King spoke on a local news network about the RNC and spewed illogical hate, saying that people of color have contributed nothing to society. What we all know is that people of color have brought great contributions to our nation again and again. America would not be what it is today without the efforts and contributions of Black & Brown communities. Aside from his most recent bigoted comments, he’s always been vehemently against immigration by voting for anti-immigrant measures and comparing immigrants to animals.

King is up for re-election in 2016. Remove him from power: a person like this should not be a representative of the people.


At number 3:


Ted Cruz (R – TX)

Ted Cruz is still pushing his bill, ‘Kate’s Law,’ which would unfairly increase mandatory minimum prison sentences for select immigrants that enter the country repeatedly. His bill, similar to Toomey’s bill, did not pass thanks to people like you who called your senators. He gets the number 3 spot for not only pushing anti-immigrant legislation, but also aggressively supporting mass deportation. During his run for president, Cruz called for mass deportations of all undocumented immigrants, claiming that he would consider letting “the good ones” back in. Not only are his ideas offensive, but there is also no way he could actually execute his plans.

While Cruz isn’t seeking re-election this year, his time is coming up soon in 2018, and he’s already committed to running.


Number 4:

Ron Johnson (R – WI)

Ron Johnson shows up on our list at number 4 for worst politicians on immigration reform. He’s been fighting for tighter border security for years now and is vehemently against any kind of executive action by President Obama. He’s known for having pushed back on any kind of comprehensive immigration reform initiative during the Obama administration and believes that 2012 DACA should be eliminated. Most recently, Senator Johnson advocated that we should send immigrant children fleeing violence back to their countries.

Senator Johnson is seeking re-election this year. Our community has the power to make sure Ron Johnson stays out of power by voting this November. 

Number 5:

Donald Trump – Republican Presidential Nominee

It’s official. Last night, Donald Trump accepted the nomination to be the Republican Presidential Candidate by giving one of his most anti-immigrant speeches to date. Donald Trump joins our list of Worst Politicians at number 5. Trump has lied and used immigrants as scapegoats again and again, calling immigrants murderers and criminals. Trump’s xenophobic agenda is alarming, but what’s more jarring is the response from the RNC delegates and crowd. Trumpism is our greatest threat. Trump’s followers are leading and voting for politicians down-ballot that will affect our local immigrant communities. That’s why Trump comes in at number 5 today. A Trump presidency is terrifying, not only because of his xenophobic agenda, but also because it is his constituency that will really act on the hate.