Roundup of trending immigration reform topics happening during 8/7 – 8/13.

Last week’s top immigration news was centered around how immigrants greatly contribute to our country. Top articles from last week showed that many immigrants pay their taxes, are valuable to the US economy and have the power to change the election with their voter power. Check out the articles below and see for yourself what contributions immigrants make to our nation.

  1. Immigrants, Documented and Undocumented Alike, Pay Taxes

According to the Social Security Administration, immigrants pay an estimated $13 billion and only see about $1 billion back. So what’s going on with the other $12 billion?

Find out more about that unaccounted $12 billion here:

  1. “You call me indocumentada, but joke’s on you!”

This video from Mitú explores the meaning of undocumented and why we use the word the way we do. Many undocumented immigrants and their efforts go unrecognized, and this video challenges that thinking by saying that immigrants and their work can be seen everywhere.

  1. National Sanctuary Movement Leaders Gather at Phoenix ICE Office to Demand Justice

Last Friday, as a part of a national convening in Phoenix, national faith leaders in Sanctuary Movement went to the ICE field offices to demand an end to immigration raids and deportations. They also wanted to bring light to Sixto Paz’s case, who is seeking relief from deportation and is a long-time resident of the area.

  1. Clinton Predicts Dems in the Senate

Hillary Clinton predicts that the Senate and a few house seats will likely turn blue in this election, which will make it more difficult for Republicans to block any immigration reform efforts. She also emphasizes the need to keep families together and to focus on current flawed deportation policies.

Read more here about how a turn in the Senate would benefit immigration reform:

  1. Rep. Raúl Grijalva on Choices & Chismes!

Episode 8 featured a short clip of an interview with Representative Raúl Grijalva, but Grijalva is an interesting guy, so for episode 9, we wanted to give you the full interview. Check it out! You can listen the latest podcast episode here on Soundcloud: