The news of a tie last week from the Supreme Court on Executive Action was heartbreaking for many in our communities, who had high hopes that DAPA and expanded DACA would provide their families with relief from deportation. For our families, our friends, and our neighbors, sadness and anger overwhelmed social media and news outlets. But this sadness and anger has turned into determination and love for our immigrant communities. For more reactions from the Supreme Court last Thursday, check out our podcast, Choices & Chismes. 

The biggest question we all have now is: What comes next?

We will have a National Community Call on July 6th to discuss what comes next and have our experts answer any questions you may have. The call will take place at 8pm ET in English and 9pm ET in Spanish.

  • Want to know if this decision affects the first round of DACA of 2012?
  • Want to know what you can do to help immigrant families in your community?
  • Do you want to know how we can unite as a pro-immigrant movement?

We’ll answer these questions and many more!