On May 21, 2013 the Senate immigration reform bill passes markup and moves onto the floor. What happens next?

How do we preserve the path to citizenship in the House version of the bill?

History was made on May 21, 2013 as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move their comprehensive immigration reform bill, S. 744, to the Senate floor. You made it happen. You are making history happen. Your calls and faxes to the Senate Judiciary Committee members have made the difference in striking down anti-immigrant amendments to the bill and protecting the path to citizenship.

So what happens next? S.744 will be moved onto the floor for more debate, amendments and then a vote by all 100 members of the Senate. Senator Leahy projects this vote to occur by the end of June. But wait… where’s the House bill?

While the Senate has made progress, the House has not kept pace. Some House members say they are currently drafting their own immigration reform bill to be unveiled in June.

Send a message to your Representative that we need immigration reform that lives up to American values — any reform bill from the House must include a path to citizenship.

You have proven time and again that as a movement we are an unstoppable force for progress and for justice. Our communities made history during the November elections, and we will continue to turn out again and again because we know that immigrant values are American values. We are out in force in the field, on the phones, online and in Washington because the time for reform is now!

Help turn up the heat in the House by sending a fax for the path to citizenship.