Represenative Raul Labrador says he cares about immigrants, but yesterday he deserted bipartisan negotiations on a house immigration bill.

Tell Labrador that he has failed the immigrant community.


After weeks of meetings, a bipartisan group of House members is on near agreement on an immigration reform bill — yet Representative Raul Labrador decided that political grandstanding was better than finding solutions for the millions of families depending on commonsense immigration reform.

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to let Representative Labrador know the mistake he made, deserting the bipartisan negotiations and turning his back of Latino and immigrant families.

Yesterday, Labrador announced he was deserting the bipartisan negotiations and turned his back on Latino and immigrant families. Instead of working to help immigrant families, some Republicans, like Labrador, are working to deny families a pathway to citizenship that would improve their health. It’s truly deplorable than anyone would work so vigorously to directly put immigrant families in jeopardy.

Give his office a call at 866-524-4788. We will remember this moment in November; it is a grave mistake to jeopardize the health and future of millions for political theatrics. He needs to know he’s failed our communities.